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Rob Wilson - Strong FirstThe Rehabilitation process that is used in St Andrews Osteopaths is based round the principles of the FMS, Y Balance Test, and SFMA screens (www.functionalmovement.com/fms).

The most significant factor for re-injury is previous injury. Let’s say you are playing golf or out for a walk or a run and you feel a slight twinge or niggle, and you notice that these things tend to be on the same side. How or why this happens, in most cases, is due to muscular imbalance through the left or right side. The muscular structures may be weak and inhibited, or tight and facilitated thus creating issues with how you move.

The rehabilitation process we use means that after treating the injury and getting you back to being pain free, we would then implement screening. The three screening methods we use are the FMS, Y Balance and SFMA, these highlight to us where your areas of asymmetry, restriction and weakness are. From this point we can therefore design an individual rehabilitation programme which will, over time, return your body back to being symmetrical and balanced. Using drills within the programme as part of a pre-cursor to exercise you should limit the risk of re-injury.

We also offer Physio lead one to one training. Rob, a Strongfirst Certified Instructor (www.strongfirst.com), and the only one in Fife and Perth and Kinross fully understands the benefits of the Russian Kettlebell style of training and advocates it as a fantastic training method for producing improved strength and cardiovascular fitness.

The Kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle, and has been around for centuries. Kettlebell training delivers extreme all-round fitness and this single device can replace barbells, dumbbells, pull-ups, dips, medicine balls and cardio equipment. They are compact, inexpensive, virtually indestructible and can be used anywhere.

The correct use of the Kettlebell requires the proper technique, and we believe this is not something that can or should be, in the early stages, learnt in a class situation.

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